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S. Gonzalez

S. Gonzalez

Several phone calls and/or emails were sent to the Apollon 7 Group property manager in charge of a property in York Village 89113 in February/March 2023 and they were ignored. The first time the responsible property manager was contacted was when the individuals leasing the property were caught stealing several neighbor's packages (at least 2 police reports have been filed and there is video evidence that it was an individual residing at the residence).

After that a few more attempts were made to inform the property manager of various nuisances. These lessees have had police visit them several times, are a constant nuisance to the community (to the point HOA has served them a notice to cease all nuisance activities), their dogs always get loose, and they constantly have suspicious individuals (with no license plates on their vehicles) vising the house and these individuals have either been sleeping in their cars, leaving trash in the street or in yards, seen loading/unloading things from the trunks, or roaming the neighborhood at night.

The neighborhood's HOA has acknowledged that they have "had many emails" regarding the property and "sent the homeowner a hearing" back in March 2023

The responsible property manager is barely vising the property today 5/1/2023, while the individuals already have a moving truck out front and are planning to leave.

Sam T.

Tokyo, Japan

I was introduced to Sachie and her team at Apollon 7 Group in 2018 from my local chamber of commerce group. Sachie walked us through escrow process I was not familiar with back then and always made sure I fully understood what I was signing and beyond. My family moved back to Japan since and Sachie's team at Apollon manages our properties. We highly recommend their services and they are always reliable.

Josie L.

Las Vegas, NV

Sachie and her team are the best in town. They are always on top of their game, insightful and delightful to work with. My husband and I highly recommend her team if you are looking to buy homes for your family or investment.

Martin R.

Los Angeles, CA

Our friends referred Sachie and her team at Apollon 7 to us in 2019 when we started looking to buy Las Vegas shopping malls and multi-family properties for investments. They were always there when we needed them the most! We even wondered when Sachie gets sleep! She is communicative with prompt responses which we appreciate very much. She knows her numbers very well. We now feel that we are in good hands. Thank you, Sachie and her team at Apollon!

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